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Swan Lake

Place Rolesville

Project Teacher Support

Age 8

Gender Female

Grade 5

Language English

We are pleased to bring you this latest report on your sponsored child, Yerusalem. Yerusalem is doing well and remains healthy. She is currently ranked among the top 3rd of her class and is thriving in her schooling. Our in-country social worker, Dejene, was able to meet with her one on one and this is what he reported:

Why is Afan Oromo Your Favorite Subject?
I love Afan Oromo because it is the language we speak in our area. The way it is spoken sounds like a poem.

How Can Your Sponsor Pray For You?
I have a dream of being a singer in the church. Pray that God helps me be successful in this. Pray also form my family and me to be protected from the coronavirus.

Personal Note to Your Sponsor:
I am praying for you to be blessed in everything that you do. And pray you will be kept safe from Covid-19.

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